Brownie Macchiato Tub
Brownie Macchiato Tub

Häagen-Dazs DUO Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Crunch Pint

Discover the perfect alliance between an intense Belgian chocolate ice cream (50% cocoa), sublimated with a cocoa sauce, and a delicious vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate chips, for an irresistible experience in the same pint.
Brownie Macchiato Tub

The combination of 50% Belgian Chocolate with the iconic Häagen-Dazs Vanilla flavor enhances its aromatic intensity.

The ultimate classic with a generous cocoa sauce and crunchy chocolate chips in every bite!

There is no doubt that fans of the Chocolate/Vanilla combination will reach a new dimension of pure pleasure with each bite of Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Crunch!

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